Luke's Journey With Placenta Previa

During pregnancy, Luke's mother had a condition call Placenta Previa where the placenta is implanted abnormally low in the uterus so that it impinges on or covers the internal opening of the uterine cervix. Luke had to be delivered prematurely and as a result his organs were not fully developed at birth.

Luke's rehabilitation started 8 months after birth. When he commenced treatment, he was not using his hands to grasp toys, a bottle of milk or use his hands to touch his mother or father’s face or body. He was not turning around when he was in the cot, on the floor, or lifting his head up to see any toys and was not crawling.

Luke was treated by Goshi with strength training, sensory integration and spinal stimulation, and was encouraged to stand and balance using bungee ropes using vestibular therapy and a roots approach.

After the 5th session (7 hours of treatment) Luke started to turn, look upward and started to grasp and pull everything. This made his parents very happy but also gave a lot of work for his mother to pick up the things that Luke had grasped and pulled down.

During subsequent sessions, Luke showed further improvement such as voluntary sitting, standing, and he started to walk without support at the age of 2 where his mother and father were told he may not be as normal as his elder sister, which was very disappointing for his parents at that time. Luke has been a very successful case for Goshi and the First Step Therapy programme.

Luke can walk, play and speak well. He can now play with his toys and he can use his hands very well for manipulating blocks and letter shapes etc. Luke’s parents are delighted with the intensive therapy that Goshi provided and they were thankful for all the improvements in Luke’s condition.

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