ASD / Aspergers Syndrome

by Margaret Marr
(Dundrum, Co. Down)

Our daughter was diagnosed in March 2010 with Aspergers/ASD. She is high functioning, attending mainstream primary school. Literacy difficulties. Social interaction difficulties. How could you help ? How much does it cost ?


Thank you for your enquiry about ASD / Aspergers Syndrome treatment using our First Step Therapy Programmes.

First Step Therapy Programmes help children in many ways. For Asperger Syndrome / Autistic Spectrum Disorders (though not always guaranteed), we tend to find that improving the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid flow between the spine and brain using a technique called spinal stimulation helps to improve cognitive abilities of the child. We see children improving their speech, listening and all round communication abilities. Social skills are also well improved, as is concentration and sleeping. Using physical activities also helps to improve the child's mental state as well as improving spatial awareness and sensory skills.

Please contact us for initial consultation for your child, if you would like to discuss further how our programmes might help your daughter.


The First Step Therapy Team

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