Autism and ASD

by John

My son is 5 years old and has recently been diagnosed with ASD. I was wondering what therapy your company provides to help this condition. He has moderate behavioural issues and currently attends a special educational school.


Thank you for your enquiry about our First Step Therapy Programme. We have a number of children attending our Centre with Autism/ASD. We find that these children have underlying physical problems such as low muscle tone, poor strength and low endurance levels. These often amplify social/emotional problems and poor concentration levels, as the children do not have the physical capabilities to do what other children who do not have ASD do, such as running, jumping, skipping, trampolining, etc.

Our programme concentrates on rectifying these physical problems and this has a positive effect on neurological functions, which lead to better concentration levels, better hand-eye co-ordination and improved social interaction.

We can offer a free initial assessment for your child at your convenience. (evening and weekend appointments are available)

Call to book your child's assessment and we can discuss better about what we can do for your child.

Look forward to seeing you and your child soon.

Regards, First Step Therapy Centre.

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