Autism Treatment

by Ann

My 4 year old son Conor has autism, no speech and sensory issues plus a 5 year old girl who does not have autism but I believe has an oral sensory processing disorder and will gag eating lumps, will resist trying new foods and has very limited diet. Could you help them? How do I get to see you? How much is a therapy session and how much is the initial assessment, for my own info and to tell other parents?



We want parents to be fully informed about the programme first and also to be sure that we can bring some improvements to your child - so that is why we also do a detailed assessment. If the assessment shows that it would not be beneficial for your child to undertake the programme then we would not want them to continue. It is a big commitment in terms of time and money and we would want to ensure that it is well spent.

Having said that with the commitment of the family and the co-operation of the child, improvements usually can be made.

Please contact First Step Therapy to arrange an appointment for your child.

Regards, The First Step Therapy Team

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Apr 28, 2010
Re: Autism Treatment
by: First Step Therapy Centre

You can read about Conor and his remarkable journey on the First Step Therapy Programme, using the link below.

Conor's Journey

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