Flexion deformity of knees both legs following 2/3 months immobility

by Anonymous

Can you offer any therapy to correct this unfortunate result of a relatively short period of immobility due to a debilitating illness in an elderly person previously independently mobile?

Thank you for your enquiry to our website.

Techniques such as 'Hold And Relax' and 'Contract and Relax' coupled with a Fast Oscillating Technique can give good range of motion.

Quadricepts lag may be present where the knee cannot be fully extended by the patient due to muscle weakness or other inhibition but can be extended by the therapist. Strengthening exercises may be required to improve muscle power in this instance.

In order to determine the potential for recovery, a clinical assessment would have to be carried out. Please contact us using the 'Contact Us' page on the website to arrange an assessment.


The First Step Therapy Team

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