Global Developmental Delay

by Robert
(Belfast, Co Antrim)

I have a young granddaughter who is nearly four years old. Physically she seems fine but she is unable to communicate and she only says a few words and can't form sentences. She can not understand when prompted, to do things by her mother, ourselves or her nursery teacher and gets very frustrated and can hit out. A lot of the time she seems to be in a world of her own. Is there anything you could do for her and what would it cost?

Thank you for your enquiry to our website regarding therapy for Global Developmental Delay for your granddaughter. In order to give you advice on how we could help, we would have to undertake an initial consultation. If the family has qualifying health insurance then this can be used to offset the cost of treatment.

Please contact us using the Contact Us Page on the left menu bar for a free consultation and then we will be able to advise you the best course of treatment for your granddaughter

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