Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

by Elizabeth

Do you think the oxygen therapy would be beneficial for me? I have heard it is helpful for fibromyalgia but with M.E. It is the chronic fatigue rather than the muscle pain that I am interested in....I am confined to bed most of the time...any info would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.

Thanks Elizabeth for your enquiry to our website. As you may know a confirmed diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) can only be provided by either SPECT or PET scans of the brain and spine from which the results show that there is actual physical damage to these organs as the result of inflammation.

There are a number of recognised features of the condition, firstly the primary infection phase either viral or bacterial, due to a compromised immune system caused by prolonged fatigue or stress, malnutrition or exposure to pathogens (Secondary ME is as the result of toxic overload from a non-organic chemical substance).

The next phase is chronic phase which most people experience as fatigue not relived by sleep;however if you recall from the definition above for ME there has to be physical damage to the brain and spine so this fatigue may actually be muscle weakness or myopathy as the result of the neurological damage.

Chronic pain is also a common feature of ME.

With confirmed ME, exercise will make the condition worse as will other intellectual, sensory or emotional stressors and these should be avoided.

In terms of treatment or therapy you should satisfy yourself that you have indeed got ME; this will inform you as to what you can and can't do in terms of exercise. If it turns out that you haven't got the confirmed damage of brain and spine then you might look into the use of supplements to boost your immune and metabolic functions. These include beta-carotene, Vitamin B complex, Mixed Ascorbates (Vitamin C compounds), Vitamin D and Zinc. Gentle exercise can also be included with these supplements and exercise intensity increased as your stamina increases.

If you haven't got confirmed ME I would suggest a detox routine to get rid of potential toxic overload. A regime of vegetable juicing and spring water may help, as will taking chlorella.

Oxygen Therapy itself does reduce inflammation but as this is a passive process (in that it involves breathing in pure oxygen under pressure whilst sitting in a chamber, as opposed to exercise programmes which actively increase oxygen intake) it may take many sessions to see any improvement; however it would not be advisable to undertake this therapy for someone with confirmed ME without taking specialist medical advice for the reasons outlined above in relation to stressors.

Should you wish to discuss your condition in confidence with us or would like information on appropriate exercise programmes, you are welcome to come for a consultation at our clinic.

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The First Step Team

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