Secondary Progressive MS

by Paddy
(Co. Down)

I am a 56 year-old man with Secondary Progressive MS. My main symptoms are chronic fatigue, pins and needles in legs, feet and hands and pains in the legs. What therapies could you offer, how would they help and what is the likely cost?


Thank you for your enquiry to our website regarding treatment for secondary progressive MS.

We have a number of patients attending with MS at the First Step Therapy Centre.

For your condition, we would seek to improve endurance by strengthening the muscles and also improving balance and walking pattern. We would also seek to minimise the symptoms you describe above by using equipment such as an Inferential Therapy machine for reduction of muscle spasms and pain and with Ultrasound to reduce inflammation and joint pain, etc. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy also helps to improve blood circulation and improves oxygenation of cell tissue leading to improved glucose/energy utilisation.

Please contact us for an initial consultation, if you would like to discuss further how our programmes might help you.


The First Step Therapy Team

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